Thank you for visiting longfellows.coffee. At this site you'll discover some of the world's finest coffee beansespresso beans and exotic teas

Here, too, you'll find the same wide array of syrups used by expert baristas to make delicious espresso-based beverages. Or use these syrups to make tasty crèmes, Italian sodas, to give a flavor boost to hot chocolate* and as an unexpected topping to ice cream or yogurt. 
In fact at longfellows.coffee, you can purchase just about everything you need to make (equipment) and serve (china and utensils) the same delectable treats at home that you enjoy at your favorite coffeehouse.
Both here at longfellows.coffee and at our brick and mortar drive-thru in Kinnelon, NJ, our first concern is our customers—you. We are a family-owned (father and son) business. Your contentment with our products and service is paramount. If you ever have an issue with a purchase you make at longfellows.coffee—no matter how small you think it might be—please contact us directly so we can try to make things right.

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